Children’s education is often the main concern for Assignees relocating with their families to a new city or country.  In many cases, the decision of a Home Placement is impacted by the location of the child’s school. Our objective is to inform the Assignee of the different school structures and the various curriculum’s available in the host city or country. Student’s seat availability in reputable private schools is always a major challenge since they are in such high demand and long waiting lists are common. The School admission service starts with a thorough needs analysis to ensure we understand the Assignees preferences and the needs of the child. Once schools have been selected, we advise on and assist with the registration process.

School Admission Assistance Service Includes:
1. Provide an overview of available schools, special needs centers, and childcare options.
2. Enquire about seat availability and assist in student admittance requirements.
3. Arrange for accompanied school visits and schedule appointment with school administrators.
4. Guide the Assignee throughout the application process, follow up with schools during the waiting list period, provide alternative suggestions to Assignee while on the waitlist.

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